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AUGER / MUD ROTARY DRILLING Diedrich auger drilling rigs are equipped with all the latest available features for safety, convenience and production drilling.

The multiple drilling capabilites include: Hollow Stem Auger, Air Rotary, Mud Rotary, Rock Coring, Casing Advance & Continuous Soil Sampling.
  • Diedrich Drill Rig Fleet
  • Diedrich D-120 & D-50 Rig sizes available
  • Truck mounted drill rigs
  • The D-120 is rated to 350 feet to 4 1/4 inch Augers
  • Max Spindle Torque is rated at over 13,000 lbs.
  • Exteremly fast and safe drilling rigs
  • Continuous split spoon sampling
  • Up to 18" Mud Rotary Holes
  • Up to 10-1/4 Auger Drilling Capabilities
  • Shelby Tube Sampling
  • Packer Testing (Water Sampling)

    SONIC DRILLING is an innovative way to drill holes faster and easier than conventional methods. The advanced drilling technology fluidizes and displaces soil particles away from the drill bit and the sides of the drill pipe. This allows for clean, rapid penetration rates in a variety of geological formations to depths in excess of 300 feet, offering superior drilling and sampling footage production. Sonic drilling is well suited for unconsolidated overburden, even with cobbles and boulders. Sonic drilling provides outstanding ability to provide truly representative continuous cores in a variety of geological formations, and is suited for both geotechnical and environmental applications.  
  • Sonic Tech Drills
  • Diedrich Sonic Head with 180 Hz of Sonic Energy
  • Pulldown Force rated at 32,000 lbs.
  • Pullback Force rated at 32,000 lbs.
  • Feed Rate - 72 ft. per minute
  • Retract Rate - 90 ft. per minute
  • 24 ft. Head Travel with Angle Drilling
  • Continuous soil coring capabilities 4" x 5" long, or 4" x 8" long
  • Casing sizes: 4", 6", 8", 10"
  • Capable of installing up to 6" ID wells
  • Tripled cased well installations
  • Packer Testing (Water Sampling)

    DIRECT PUSH TECHNOLOGY (DPT) has become the quick and effective method for soil and groundwater sampling. Our fleet of Geoprobe DPT rigs are track-mounted and are equipped to meet all needs pertaining to soil and groundwater sampling. Groundwater Protections DPT fleet is comprised of Geoprobe Models 5400, 6610, 6625 and 7720. Our rigs are less than five years old and extremely well maintained. DPT rigs are equipped with dual-speed auger heads that allow for shallow monitoring well installations.  
  • 7720 DT Track-Mounted - GH60 Probe Hammer, Two-speed auger heads for well installations, 77" stroke for using 6-foot rods and macrocore samplers. Over 20 ton pulling capacity
  • 6620 Track-Mounted - GH-60 Probe Hammer for conventional DPT and auger capabilities for well installations
  • 6610 DT Track-Mounted - GH60 Probe Hammer, Two-speed auger heads for well installations, smaller footprint for difficult access sites, 66" stroke for using 5-foot rods and macrocore samplers
  • EnviroCore (Dual Wall)
  • Waterloo Profiler
  • Macrocore Soil Sampler
  • Soil Gas / Soil Vapor
  • Screenpoint Water Sampler (Geoprobe)
  • Remedial Injection

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