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Groundwater Protection

Groundwater Protection, (GPI), was founded in 1986 to provide specialized environmental drilling services to consultants and engineers involved with contamination assessment and clean-up projects. GPI has completed work at well over 15,000 sites throughout the Southeastern United States. This includes underground storage tank sites (UST), industrial hazardous waste sites including 20 Federal Superfund Sites, military installations, due diligence sites and NASA facilities.

Currently, GPI has one office, which is located in Orlando, Florida. Environmental drilling services provided include monitor, recovery, air sparge and vapor extraction well installation and soil sampling/borings using sonic technology (up to 10-inch I.D.), hollow stem auger (up to 10-inch I.D.), mud rotary and direct push methods. GPI operates two Diedrich D-120 drill rigs, two Diedrich D-50 dill rigs, four 6600 Series Geoprobe drills/direct push combination rigs.

All GPI personnel meet the OSHA 40 CFR 1910.120 requirements for HAZWOPPER training. This includes initial 40-hour training, 8-hour refresher training, medical monitoring and respirator fit testing. Documentation can be provided for each individual.

We are your TURNKEY SOLUTION in providing the following services
  • Sonic
  • Hollow Stem Auger
  • Direct Push
  • EP Sonic Vibra-Push
  • Limited Access
  • Air & Mud Rotary
  • Limited Access Drilling
  • Track Mounted / ATV
  • Barge / Platform Drilling
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Geotechnical
  • Seismic
  • Electrical Resistivity
  • Liquefaction Assessment
  • Limited Access
  • EnviroCore (Dual Wall)
  • Waterloo Profiler
  • Geoprobe (Single, Dual Wall)
  • Soil Gas / Soil Vapor
  • Hydropunch® / Simulprobe
  • Continuous Dry-Core Sampling System
  • GeoBarrel 101mm Punch Core
  • HQ3 / NQ Wireline Packer System
  • Insitu-Injection
  • HRC / ORC / Regonox
  • Permanganate
  • Fenton's Reagent
  • Cheese Whey
  • Complete Remedial Construction Services
  • Data Quality Objective Development
  • Systematic Planning
  • Dynamic Work Planning
  • Adaptive Sampling Strategies
  • Rapid Onsite Analysis
  • Membrane Interface Probe (MIP)
  • Laser Induced Fluorescense (UVOST)
  • Fuel Fluorescense Detector (FFD)
  • Hybrid (Combo) Configurations
  • We can help you match the right technology to the right challenge
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